27 MarGuide to Bathroom Blinds

http://www.blindsboutique.co.uk/You only have to think about how time in the bathroom is usually spent– taking hot baths and showers in the nude, for example – to understand what is required of bathroom blinds. However, the practicalities of withstanding high humidity levels, water splashes and damp, as well as providing privacy where it’s needed, do not have to outweigh the aesthetics of creating a beautiful window aspect.

Unless you’re blessed with a luxurious bathroom space with a large surface area and large windows, you may find that your wet room doesn’t have sufficient natural light entering the room. Moisture-resistant bathroom blinds are great for maximising this light without reducing privacy levels, coming in a wide range of designs to suit any décor. So lets consider the options available for bathroom blinds.

Bathroom Roller Blinds:  Roller blinds are a great choice of window dressing for a bathroom. A teflon coating and aluminium headrails can make roller blinds both moisture resistant, rust-proof and long lasting. Your roller blind can act as an accent piece or simply blend with the décor. Roller blinds can also be neatly scrolled to the top of your window frame when not in use and fit snugly around the cassette. This will allow the bathroom to benefit from a flood of beautiful sunlight during the daytime.

Bathroom Vertical Blinds: Fashioned from PVC or Teflon coated fabric, vertical blinds can be made 100% moisture resistant for your bathroom.  Whilst they may not be the obvious choice in bathroom blinds, vertical blinds fit neatly into most bathroom window frames and can either be drawn to one side, allowing the full benefit of available light or drawn entirely shut for privacy from light or your neighbours!

Bathroom Venetian Blinds: Whether you prefer a metal or wooden look to your window dressing, a venetian blind will be the ideal design for you.  Venetian blinds are made from horizontal slats of either wood or aluminium and come in a variety of different colours and finishes.  The most common colour metal finish for bathrooms is white. They’re also 100% moisture resistant and will not rust or warp in heat or moisture.  Faux wood in your bathroom comes in a wide range of colours and slat widths. It’s specially coated so that unlike regular wood it will not warp in a moist environment. The amount of natural light you require can be easily controlled with the side located light control and the look and style created with  wooden venetian blinds is one of pure class and lavish design.

Bathroom Shutters: Shutters have seen a recent comeback in interior trends.  In bathrooms, a popular choice is white to enhance the airy feel they provide, but a variety of colours are available and shutters can also be optionally moisture resistant, steam resistant, and heat resistant, in addition to  strong and hardwearing.

Other great ways to get your bathroom feeling light and airy is to stick to a colour palette of light hues and incorporate frosted glass and mirrors where you can.Blinds are often considered to be an important part of a bathroom’s design. A key reason for this is that privacy is a vital aspect of every bathroom. Whether your window is small and frosted or large and light, a blind is always a welcome addition to your bathroom window. Available in a range of styles and designs you’re sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom.


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