27 MarThe Wow! Factor: On Trend Kitchen Window Treatments

We take a look at some recent trends in window fashion…skylight blinds

1) Shutters or Folding Doors.  Light or dark, shutters bring a classic look to kitchen windows and they look equally inviting whether your style is cosy cottage, shaker, or grand and traditional.

2) “No Treatment”  A huge growing trend in kitchen design is to let the windows and the natural light they bring take the spotlight and not have any window treatment at all. This simplistic choice keeps a kitchen light and airy.

A variation on the theme is to hang an architectural element or charming sign above the window for a unique and eclectic look.  This “no treatment” approach assumes a decent view and no privacy issues, but if your kitchen window – large and beautiful as it may be – looks at something less than beautiful, you may want to cover that up with one of the alternative treatments mentioned below.

3) Café Curtains.  Café Curtains originated in the 1800s in Viennese street cafes.  They are an easy idea and a perfect way to to add a little style and privacy whilst still letting in natural light – due to their hanging on only half of the window.

Custom made versions in just about any fabric, or simpler versions by searching on-line.  If you’re sewing and DI skills are up to it they are a really simple weekend project with fabric and hem tape and hung by curtain ring clips.

4) Bamboo Blinds or Woven Shades.  Whilst in the East bamboo has been a multifunctional natural resource since the dawn of time, in the west we have taken longer to jump on the bandwagon.  Oriental homes incorporate bamboo at every opportunity whether it be partitions, walls, rugs, furniture or childrens toys all made from bamboo.  Although late starters with bamboo, here in the West, bamboo blinds are now everywhere, providing a classy, inexpensive window dressing.  Natural shades will complement any décor and they are easy to find, easy to install and easy on the eye!

5) Roman Shades.  As the name suggests, Roman Shades originated in Rome where they were developed to keep hot dry street dust from entering Roman homes.  It soon became apparent that the shades also kept out the hot afternoon sun too and so a new interior trend was born with Roman blinds being used as a symbol of status and wealth.

If your kitchen needs a little privacy, then much like café blinds, Roman blinds can add color, pattern or personality and can be personalised for an infinite variety of looks.  Follow in the footsteps of those Roman women in discovering a new trend in interiors.

6) Valance or Cornice.  Not a treatment to choose if privacy is an issue for you, but a valance above your window will bring a touch of fabric to your kitchen window without sacrifice natural light. There are numerous benefits to purchasing a set of kitchen blinds.

Whether you desire a beautiful set of blinds to perfect the overall look of your kitchen or you crave the practicality that comes with this style of window dressing, there is a perfect option for every need. 

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