27 MarDesign guide to choosing the right conservatory blinds

samples-1-563022-sSo you’ve spent all that money on the conservatory of your dreams and now you want a quality window dressing to finish off the project?  Sounds simple, but it can be tricky to decide which ones are the best with such a multitude of makes, models and designs on the market these days. These are our tips for helping you choose the right blinds and skylight blinds for your conservatory.  Compile your checklist using this guide and it will be much easier to make an informed purchase when you visit a showroom, saving you both time and money.

Firstly, what is the purpose of your conservatory? Is it a place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon on the sofa? Is it a staging area when you have guests and parties in the summer? Or do you just need a space for your kids to play in freely?  It might not seem obvious at first sight, but your choice of blinds can offer protection from the sun, insulation in winter and safety where children are concerned, take a look at the following features:

Roller blinds = thermal protection

Vertical blinds = light control

Pleated blinds = child friendly

Wooden and Venetian blinds = stylish and adult

Another simple consideration, but one which can make or break the room, is the choice of colour. You need something which reflects the way you want the room to feel. Neutral and pastel colours are cool and calming while darker colours can make things feel more private and cosy. Pattern can be large and grandiose or minimalist.  As with many interior choices, it may be wise to make it appealing to general taste, since you may one day need to sell up and a garish conservatory may kill the deal. Alternatively if you favour a bold choice, be prepared to change it prior to any sale.

Its not just the colour, but also the style of your blind.  It’s all well and good having a sleek modern blind in the conservatory, but if the rest of your home is filled with original period features then it’s going to feel like a disjointed and confusing part of the house. You want the conservatory to be merely an extension of the building itself. Roman blinds offer some class and style, while light Venetian blinds make a room feel airy and modern.

Some people enjoy the luxury of automated blinds, and if your house is full of gadgets and gizmos then these are an ideal way to top off your conservatory. With a perfect fit blind you’ll get complete coverage of your windows, and a remote control will allow you to adjust the light filtration at the push of a button.


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